• Canadian patent granted in October
  • Flight tests with helicopters showed significant power optimization
  • Flight tests with a motorized fixed wing aircraft proved:
    – substantial amelioration of the lift/drag ratio 
    – lower required driving power
    – optimized stall characteristics


  • During the World Climate Summit in Paris in December, a fixed wing aircraft project equipped with SilentEcoWing tips was presented. 


  • US patent granted in December
  • Test runs with a helicopter, whose M/R blades were modified with SilentEcoWing tips, show a torque saving of appr. 6 percent.


  • EWEA Vienna. 
  • Parametrisation / adaption of SilentEcoWing to different airfoiles. 
  • Minister of Science Dr. Karlheinz Töchterle visited our company.


  • Presentation at HELI EXPO Dallas. First contact with international helicopter companies.


  • Wind tunnel tests at Technical University Munich. Confirmation of higher lift coefficients and of the reduction of drag coefficients with the use of SilentEcoWing-modified blade tips. 
  • International patent application.


  • Austrian patent application.


  • Optimization of shape and arrangement for the current SilentEcoWing solution.


  • Further tests with various surface structures as well as blade and blade tip geometries, without achieving substantial improvements. 
  • First tests with bionics derivations of bird’s wing ends.
  • Construction of various test models. Tests show significant improvements.


  • Tests with various surface structures, including 3M aerodynamic drag reduction tape.

From 1995 on 

  • Engagement with the subject of noise development at wing profiles.