SilentEcoWing: Convincing. Simple. Better.

SilentEcoWing reduces the boundary vortexes in decisive aspects.

Economical and ecological effects:

  • Significant drag and noise reduction.
  • Higher lift.
  • Lower required driving power with SilentEcoWing blade tips installed.
    For example in hover flight: on MD500 tail rotor blades: 5,7%,
    on AS 350 main rotor blades: 5% less torque required.
  • Longer ranges.

Additional benefits: 

  • Simple adaption. 
  • No additional parts, which have a drag potential themselves.
  • No additional weight. 
  • The wings/blades need not to be reinforced.
  • Reduced wake turbulences
  • Optimal cross wind characteristics
  • Easy maneuvering and hangaring